Shello! My name is Mermaid HeArt and I am an Autistic Mermaid, Artist and Founder of Mermaids 4 Mental Health. 🔱

As an Autistic Mermaid with Lived Experience, this is my dream, to give back to our beautiful Mermaid Community. My hope is to continue to create more Mental Health Resources through my Art, Comics, Podcast, and the brand new Self-Care Workbook for Mermaids! 🙏🏽


Mermaids 4 Mental Health is all about erasing the stigma of mental health, both above water and below. Focusing on Neurodiversity,  Inclusivity, Autism Awareness and Acceptance. 🌊

illustration of an anchor with the words "I'll swim with you" surrounding it and an ocean background

I’ll Swim With You

For our first creative and collaborative Art project, “I’ll Swim With You” Mermaids from around the globe shared their mental health journeys, stories and offerings to help spread awareness, initiate conversations, and support anyone suffering mental distress.


New Mermaids 4 Mental Health Podcast! Join me as I interview Merfolk around the globe, as well as Art & Play Therapists, Wellness Practitioners, Ocean Lovers, and anyone who is a mermaid at heart.


Shop the O-fish-al Mermaids 4 Mental Health T-shirts, mugs, tote bags and more! Created to help promote mental health awareness both above water and below

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